We offer you a wide choice of cuts from the fantastic Iberian pork of the highest quality. The meat comes from specially bred “Pata Negra” pigs that are indigenous to the Iberian peninsula. The incredible succulence and flavour of these meat is due to their rich diet of these pigs fed acorns, fruits and shrubs. The meat’s intense marbling gives both astonishing flavours and melt in the mouth tenderness. As well as the Iberico pork we distribute the cured Jamon de Bellota and Jamon de Cebo. Mercaimpex also offers Serrano Ham, coming from the traditional white Spanish pig, which has its own distinctive, deep flavor making it one of Spain’s national treasures. We can supply a wide variety of serrano ham products, pre-sliced or whole jamones and blocks dry cured for at least a year. We can also source several types of chorizo.

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